Winter 2021 Certified Press

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New dental assisting program helps students jump-start their careers
This year, Dickinson High School in North Dakota introduced a new entry-level dental assisting program that incorporates participating in interactive, online education from the DALE Foundation and taking DANB exams. The program was established to help address the growing shortage of dental assistants in the area. Learn more.

Meet the 2020 Liz Koch Memorial Scholarship winners
This year, after receiving more than 80 applications, the Liz Koch Memorial Scholarship Committee has selected three winners – chosen based on their commitment to the oral healthcare profession and mentorship experiences.
Learn more.

Why Natalie Kaweckyj recommends ADAA membership and DANB certification
Natalie Kaweckyj, CDA, COA, CPFDA, CRFDA, CDPMA, COMSA, BA, LDA, RF, MADAA, strongly believes that in addition to holding certification through DANB, all dental assistants should be members of the American Dental Assistants Association (ADAA). “Part of being a respected professional in any field is maintaining professional membership and holding professional certification,” she says. Learn why.

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