Maintain Certification

Maintaining your DANB certification

Your DANB certification must be renewed each year. Maintaining your certification demonstrates your commitment to the profession and supports your professional growth. Learn more about DANB’s renewal requirements, policies, recognition program and more.

Certification renewal requirements

To renew your DANB certification, each year, you’ll need to complete continuing education, maintain your CPR certificate, and submit the nonrefundable renewal fee. DANB’s Recertification Requirements packets contain all the information you need to know.

Continuing education

Completing continuing dental education (CDE) is an essential part of maintaining your certification. There are many options for you to earn CDE such as completing courses online or in person, volunteering, or taking a DANB exam.

There are several free or low-cost online courses that are available, such as, Viva Learning, and Colgate Oral Health Network.

The DALE Foundation, DANB’s official affiliate, offers online articles and courses that are worth between 2 and 12 CDE credits.

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CPR certificate

You’ll need to keep your CPR certificate current to renew your DANB certification.* See the list of the approved CPR providers.

*CPR is not required for certificants who hold only the CDIPC and/or DISIPC certifications.

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Recertification policies

Recognition program

DANB is proud to recognize those who maintain their DANB certification with special anniversary milestone gifts. DANB certificants will receive the following gifts for 15 or more years of certification.

  • 15 years            Messenger bag
  • 25 years            Paperweight
  • 35 years            35-year pen set
  • 45 years            45-year keepsake box
  • 50 years            Personalized brick at the National Museum of Dentistry

Renewal audit

You will not need to provide proof of continuing education or CPR when you renew. However, DANB may conduct periodic audits. That’s why it’s important to keep records of your continuing education credits and current CPR. You can save your continuing education records in your DANB account dashboard, so you can access easily if you need to. If you’re audited, you’ll receive an email from us with details about what you’ll need to provide.

Certification reinstatement

Don’t lose your hard-earned certification. If your certification has lapsed, you have options to get it back. Contact us to find out about the available reinstatement options. Contact us.

Emeritus status

If you are retiring from dental assisting or are no longer able to work due to a disability, you may be eligible for emeritus status. Emeritus status is an honorary credential for those who are no longer in the profession. Download the application to learn more about the requirements and documentation you’ll need to apply. View the application.