New Mexico Dental Assistant Requirements

Each state has different requirements for dental assistants. This page includes links to all the information you need to understand the requirements for dental assistants in this state. View the different dental assisting levels, along with the requirements for each. You can also view the allowable duties at each level.

New Mexico Requirements

Community Dental Health Coordinator (CDHC) Requirements

New Mexico CDHCs may perform specified preventive, restorative, and palliative procedures under general supervision of a dentist. To qualify, one must:

  1. Have a high school diploma or equivalent, or a college degree, AND
  2. Have New Mexico certification in radiography, rubber cup coronal polishing and application of topical fluoride and pit and fissure sealant expanded functions (see above for requirements), AND
  3. Complete the New Mexico jurisprudence exam with a score of at least 75%, AND
  4. Successfully complete a CDHC program approved by the New Mexico Board of Dental Health Care.

CDHCs must have formal training in infection control from a course approved in accordance with New Mexico Board of Dental Health Care rules and regulations.