Office Managers

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Dental office manager

Resources for Busy Professionals

As a dental office manager, you are the person the dental team depends on to run an efficient practice. Keep pace with the changing needs of your profession through continuing education, reference materials and recruiting assistance. Let DANB and its affiliate, the DALE Foundation, be your partners for managing a smooth, efficient office.

Dental office manager

Continuing Dental Education Opportunities

The DALE Foundation, the official DANB affiliate, offers online certificate programs for office managers and other dental professionals. Learn about topics such as Accounts Receivable for the Dental Office, HR Fundamentals for the Dental Office and Financial Reporting for the Dental Office.

Online Certificate Programs 

DANB state exam recognition

Navigate Complex State Requirements

DANB offers two state-specific resources that are crucial for every dental office library. DANB’s State Career Ladder Templates for Dental Assistants contains easy-to-use charts of state-specific information for job titles, education and exam requirements, and job function listings for general dentistry assisting. DANB’s State Fact Booklet leads you through a state-by-state listing of required DANB exams and the latest laws and administrative rules applicable to dental assistants.

DANB’s State Career Ladder Templates for Dental Assistants (PDF)
DANB’s State Fact Booklet (PDF)

DANB Certificant Mailing List Rental

Is your practice planning to hire new dental assistants, now or in the future? DANB rents mailings lists of current NELDA, CDA, COA, CPFDA, COMSA, CDPMA certificants, as well as ICE, RHS, CP, SE, TA and TF certificates of knowledge-based competency holders. Lists are available by credential, by region or for the entire database. Eligibility requirements apply.

DANB Mailing List Rental Form 

Certificate Programs Required for AADOM Fellowship

To earn Fellowship in the American Association of Dental Office Managers (AADOM), dental office managers must complete the DALE Foundation's certificate programs: Accounts Receivable for the Dental Office, HR Fundamentals for the Dental Office and Financial Reporting for the Dental Office.

AADOM Fellowship

The DALE Foundation's Certificate Programs

CDPMA Exam No Longer Offered

DANB no longer offers the Certified Dental Practice Management Administrators (CDPMA) exam, but you may still renew your CDPMA Certification. See our Recertification Requirements booklet below.

DANB’s Recertification Requirements (PDF)