Ohio Dental Assistant Requirements

Each state has different requirements for dental assistants. This page includes links to all the information you need to understand the requirements for dental assistants in this state. View the different dental assisting levels, along with the requirements for each. You can also view the allowable duties at each level.

Ohio Requirements

Basic Qualified Personnel Requirements

Basic Qualified Personnel must be trained directly via an employer/dentist, via a planned sequence of instruction in an educational institution or via in-office training.

To monitor nitrous oxide-oxygen minimal sedation, Basic Qualified Personnel must:

1. Be at least 18 years of age, AND

2. Have completed an accepted basic life-support training course and remains current at all times when monitoring nitrous oxide/oxygen, AND

3. Have successfully completed a six-hour course in nitrous oxide/oxygen monitoring from an Ohio State Dental Board-approved permanent sponsor, or

3b. Have graduated on or after 1/1/15 from a CODA-accredited dental assisting program that included equivalent training, or

3c. Hold a current credential issued by another state for the monitoring of nitrous oxide/oxygen and received training that was substantially equivalent to the Ohio training requirements, AND

4. Have at least two years of active practice and at least 3,000 hours of experience in the practice of dental assisting.

Note: All dental health care workers in Ohio must show evidence of immunity to or immunization against the hepatitis B virus, unless a waiver has been granted.