Michigan Dental Assistant Requirements

Each state has different requirements for dental assistants. This page includes links to all the information you need to understand the requirements for dental assistants in this state. View the different dental assisting levels, along with the requirements for each. You can also view the allowable duties at each level.

Michigan Requirements

Dental Assistant Levels and Requirements

Registered Dental Assistant

Registered Dental Assistant Requirements

To become licensed as a Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) in Michigan, one must:

1. Be of good moral character, AND

2. Receive a degree or certificate from a CODA-accredited dental assisting program or a school of dental assisting meeting Michigan Board of Dentistry requirements, which includes required instruction in Michigan expanded functions  (Note: Individuals who earned the RDA credential prior to March 22, 2004 must complete additional expanded functions training courses before performing specified expanded functions), AND

3. Pass the Michigan board comprehensive and clinical exam or pass an equivalent exam in another state (proof of out-of-state licensure required), AND

4. Submit proof of current certification in BLS or ACLS for healthcare providers with a hands-on component from an agency or organization that grants certification in accordance with AHA standards earned within the previous two years, AND

5. Complete two hours of implicit bias training within the five years prior to registration, AND

6. Complete a one-time training in identifying victims of human trafficking, AND

7. Complete the fingerprinting/criminal background check process, AND

8. Apply for a license to the Michigan Board of Dentistry

Additionally, to receive an RDA license, an applicant must demonstrate a working knowledge of the English language. See Section R.338.7002b of the Michigan Administrative Rules or further details.