Indiana Dental Assistant Requirements

Each state has different requirements for dental assistants. This page includes links to all the information you need to understand the requirements for dental assistants in this state. View the different dental assisting levels, along with the requirements for each. You can also view the allowable duties at each level.

Indiana Requirements

Dental Assistant Qualified in Administering Nitrous Oxide Requirements

To qualify to administer nitrous oxide, a dental assistant must:

1. Be employed in a dental practice for a minimum of one year OR graduate from a CODA-accredited educational program, AND

2. Complete a CODA-accredited course that includes the following:

a) 3 hours of didactic instruction meeting state curriculum requirements

b) Demonstration of clinical competence on at least five (5) patients under the direct supervision of a licensed Indiana dentist in good standing

c) An affidavit certifying competency signed by the supervising dentist


3. Display certificate of completion of education program publicly in the dental office