Dental assistants show off creativity and dance skills on TikTok

dental assistant dances in front of neon frame

Dental Assistants Recognition Week (DARW) was March 5-11, 2023, and DANB celebrated in a brand-new way — with a special TikTok dance challenge! The response was exciting, as nearly 50 videos were submitted accompanied by the official contest song, “Dental Assistants You Are a Star.”

The top three videos with the most likes from TikTok users who tagged the official DANB account (@danbcertified) and used the #darwdance2023 in their post were declared the winners of the contest and each received a gift card.

Now, let’s highlight the winners and take a look at some of the other fun, creative videos that were submitted!

The winners

Our first winner was @ctvalleyortho_, who braved the cold to perform their rendition of the dance!

@ctvalleyortho_ #darwdance2023 #contest @danbcertified ♬ Dental Assistants You Are a Star - DANB
Up next was @alenawood51, who also got their whole team involved in the fun and went all out with a tooth costume and pom-poms!
@alenawood51 #darwdance2023 #Contest @danbcertified ♬ Dental Assistants You Are a Star - DANB
Watch this video by @demaioortho, who incorporated equipment around the dental office into their dance. Bonus points for busting out the cheek retractors!
@demaioortho Show your dental/ortho assistants appreciation this Month the week of 3/5-3/11. @DANB @danbcertified #darwdance2023 #dentalassistant #dentalassistantweek #contest #demaioorthodontics #treehousedentalpartners #WIN ♬ Dental Assistants You Are a Star - DANB

The honorable mentions

While only three videos could win, there were many other fun and clever submissions!

This video came from @ashley.lokey, who turned the exam room into a dance club — complete with a dancing tube of toothpaste!

@ashley.lokey Happy dental assistant recognition week🥳 VA CCC dental assistants in training AM class #contest #darwdance2023 @danbcertified ♬ Dental Assistants You Are a Star - DANB
Even a power outage couldn’t stop @dentist_4_life_michigan from getting in on the fun.
@dentist_4_life_michigan Dancing in the dark in a power outage to celebrate our dental assistants. LIKE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN WIN!!! #dentist4life #danb #darwdance2023 #dentalassistant #dentalassistantweek #contest ♬ Dental Assistants You Are a Star - DANB

Dental teams weren’t the only ones excited about the contest. In these videos from @cinvee3 and @thao.squadven, “patients” couldn’t stop thinking about it, either!

@cinvee3 Everyone’s nitrous experience is different! 😝🦷🪥 #darwdance2023 @danbcertified #dentalassistant #dentalassistantweek #contest #dental #staff #dentist #dance #figsscrubs #scrubslife #scrubsjaanuu #frontoffice @ronthedentalstudent ♬ Dental Assistants You Are a Star - DANB
@thao.squad #DANB #danb #dentalassistantweek #darwdance2023 #contest @k.pugh38 @kecssl @mariana.yanes @mojochik ♬ Dental Assistants You Are a Star - DANB

You can check out all of the creative videos here and follow DANB at @danbcertified to see what’s in store next. Thank you to everyone who participated in our contest and showed your pride and appreciation for the dental assisting profession!