New award recognizes great practices for dental assistants

dental team with great practice emblem

The Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) and the DALE Foundation have launched the Great Practice for Dental Assistants to Work award, which celebrates outstanding dental practices and clinics that prioritize dental assistant recognition, satisfaction, and professional growth.


Dental assistants are valuable, high-contributing members of the dental team, as research on the Financial Impact of Dental Assistants confirms. Dental practices that support their dental assistants have improved bottom lines. The research shows that dental practices that provided higher dental assistant wages also benefited from greater patient retention, higher dental assistant retention, and increased estimated practice profitability.

The Great Practice for Dental Assistants to Work award recognizes the dental practices and clinics that foster a supportive and fulfilling environment for dental assistants.

How to apply

Submit your entry by June 14, 2024, to be entered to win. Although any dental team member can provide input on the entry form, only a dental assistant who is currently employed by the practice or clinic may submit the entry.

The entry form includes short-answer and multiple-choice questions about how the practice or clinic approaches various factors that are important to dental assistant workplace satisfaction, such as culture, work/life balance, benefits, compensation, and professional development.


Winning practices or clinics will receive a plaque to display, a $250 gift card to host a staff party, public recognition of their award through DANB and the DALE Foundation, and materials to promote their award in their own marketing.

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