First group of oral health professionals earn CDIPC certification

Framed certificate sitting on wood shelf

On Dec. 29, 2021, the first group of oral health professionals earned the Certified in Dental Infection Prevention and Control (CDIPC) certification. The CDIPC certification was developed by the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) in collaboration with the Organization for Safety, Asepsis and Prevention (OSAP).

The CDIPC certification is the first clinically-focused dental infection control certification in the U.S. The exam is rigorous and requires demonstrating not only knowledge of infection control guidelines and standards, but also the analytical and critical-thinking skills to apply them in a variety of scenarios. 

“Congratulations to everyone who earned CDIPC certification,” said DANB CEO Laura Skarnulis. “Earning this designation takes preparation, dedication, and diligence. It signals to patients, employers, and colleagues that you are knowledgeable, capable, and committed to dental practice safety.”

“Earning CDIPC certification is an impressive achievement that elevates the profession,” said OSAP Executive Director Michelle Lee. “It also benefits dental practices and patients by ensuring precautions are taken to make every dental visit a safe visit.”

Those who earned CDIPC certification in December did so through a special testing event. The CDIPC certification launched in spring 2022. 

CDIPC Certificants — December 2021

Julie Baker Regina Gupta  Carla Pegues 
Angela Bartz-Kinateder
 Katy Hansen
 Luci Perri
Michelle Beckham
 Dana Harris
 Theresa Preston
Lois Bell
 Hannah Hattaway
 Sara Reed
Catherine Berard
 Annette Hayes
 Melanie Regan
Jennifer Bereckis Jacobucci
 Tija Hunter
 Patricia Reynolds
Rebecca Bofenkamp
 Marianna Hvastovich-Gecaj
 Robynn Rixse
Kelly Boley
 Cindy Isaak Ploegman
 Christina Rutledge
Tonja Bowcut
 Renee Johnson
 Janice Salvadorini
Ashley Boyne
 Letitia Jones
 Michelle Sanchez
Joseph Braun
 Amanda Jorgensen
 Monica Satake
Christopher Brendemuhl Guinevere Juckett
 Sheri Sauer
Sherrie Busby
 Liliana Junqueira de Paiva Donatelli
 Hetal Shah
Leslie Canham
 Natalie Kaweckyj
 Kelly Shutoff
Roxanne Canich
 Teresa Kohart
 Rhonda Simpson
Shirley Caracci
 Jennifer Kohlmeyer
 Martin Smallidge
Shane Castro
 Brandy Larson
 Sandra Smeltzer
India Chance
 Rebecca Larson
 Belinda Spencer
Dawn Chick
 Sheila Lassiter
 Celeste Stalberger
Rita Cockerhan
 Kimberly Laudenslager
 Nedra Stanford
Katie Connolly
 Patricia Lavan
 Walia Stone
Chrissy Cotts
 Betty Leh
 Marlene Storz
Brianna Coyne
 Virginia Lopez
 Stacy Stotts
Evelyn Cuny
 Mackenzie Lundeen
 Michelle Strange
Gail Davis
 Sabina Mackinnon
 Sarah Stream
Karen Daw
 Kimberley Maggard
 Dawn Marie Strehl
Jill Day
 Mindy Mathewson
 Audrey Teears
Theresa DeCarlo
 Leanne Mathieu Kramer
 Therese Tippie
Ann Marie DePalma
 Susan McGuire
 Hong Tran Rajak
Kathryn Dile
 Jennifer McKeon
 Cody Truitt
Matthew Ellis
 Kendra McKune
 Javette Tyson
Cheryl Engel
 Renee McNally
 Amanda Vandergriff
Lori Fazio
 Beverly Merklin
 Sharon Vasquez
Christine Forrester
 Greeta Mills
 Deborah Vernon
Ana Frederick
 Joyce Moore
 Sandra Walker
Ann Gallerie
 Elaine Olejnik
 Catherine Warren
Sandra Garcia
 Pamela Onchi-Kawasaki
 Matthew Wilkinson
Kimberly Gililland
 Catherine Orjala
 June Wolken-Vierra
Kimberly Grady
 Miguel Ortiz Gonzalez
 Belinda Works
Karoline Grasmuck
 Glenda Panzieri
 Donna Zagame
Karen Gregory
 Lori Paschall
 Megan Zuelke
Rachel Grundlock
 Jill Paul
 Kathy Zwieg

About DANB

The Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) is the national certification board for dental assistants. DANB’s mission centers on public protection, which it fulfills by developing and administering credentials for oral health professionals. DANB exams and certifications are recognized or required by 37 states, the District of Columbia, the U.S. Air Force and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

About OSAP

The Organization for Safety, Asepsis and Prevention (OSAP) is the only nonprofit membership association for oral healthcare professionals that focuses exclusively on infection prevention and patient and provider safety. OSAP helps operationalize dental infection control and safety laws, regulations, guidelines, standards, and best practices to ensure every dental visit is a safe visit.