DANB introduces digital badges

DANB digital certification badges

The Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) introduces digital badges as a new way to provide recognition to those who hold DANB credentials. The digital badges are issued through Credly, DANB’s badging partner.

Dental assistants and other dental professionals who earn DANB certificates or certifications will be issued a digital badge, which they can claim through Credly’s website and then easily and securely share with colleagues, employers and friends.

Digital badges offer many benefits to those who hold credentials and their employers. For credential holders, digital badges provide a way to highlight their achievements quickly and easily within their personal and professional networks. For employers, digital badges are a simple and trusted way to verify employee qualifications.

By issuing digital badges to dental assistants and other dental professionals, DANB is elevating the dental workforce and supporting employers in their quest to hire and retain qualified dental team members.

"DANB’s digital badges give credentialed dental assistants a powerful and visible tool to signal to prospective employers their job readiness and ability to immediately apply their in-demand skills,” said DANB CEO Laura Skarnulis. “In today’s tight labor market, DANB’s digital badges validate dental assistants’ qualifications and support employers with their hiring efforts.”

Issuing digital badges through Credly, which follows the Open Badge Standards, ensures security and verifiability. When embedded or shared, the digital badge links to a credential holder’s profile page, which lists when the credential was issued, the requirements to earn it, the knowledge and skills it represents, and when it expires.

Credential holders can use this verified record of their achievements to differentiate themselves, while employers can use this information to validate current and future employees’ qualifications and the skills they bring to the workplace.