Achieving more with certification

Marlyce Godoy holding model of teeth

Marlyce Godoy says DANB certification helped her achieve her career goals 

Marlyce Godoy, CDA, RDH, M.S., has her sights set on a long-term career in dental education — having recently become a professor at State University of New York (SUNY) Erie Community College’s dental hygiene program and adjunct professor at the University at Buffalo Educational Opportunity Center’s (UBEOC) dental assisting program. 

Godoy also has her heart set on maintaining DANB certification, since she credits the certification with helping her achieve these career milestones. 

“When patients know that you are nationally certified in your profession, they hold you at a higher level of respect and trust, and employers view DANB certificants as especially valuable,” Godoy explains. “It’s important to me to hold on to DANB certification, especially since I hope to one day work as a program director in a dental assisting education program.” 

Godoy came to the dental field about a decade ago, while exploring career options through the UBEOC. “I knew nothing about dentistry before I stepped into the UBEOC,” Godoy recalls. “I didn’t know what I wanted to go to school for, or what I wanted my career to be. When I took an entrance exam, I scored high in dental assisting and was placed in an introductory course — this immediately sparked an interest in me! I realized working in the dental field is my passion.” 

Godoy graduated in 2011 with a certificate in dental assisting from the UBEOC, with financial support through a partnership between the UBEOC and Buffalo Employment and Training Center (BETC). After completing a clinical externship and earning DANB Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) certification that same year, Godoy secured employment as a dental assistant with Western New York Dental Group, where she currently works as a dental hygienist. In addition to holding CDA certification, Godoy is licensed in dental hygiene, dental anesthesia, and dental assisting in the state of New York. 

Godoy earned an associate degree in dental hygiene through SUNY Erie Community College, as well as Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in career and technical education from SUNY College at Buffalo. A past student teacher at the UBEOC and clinical instructor in dental hygiene at SUNY Erie, Godoy strives to someday establish her own dental assisting program to expand training opportunities in her area. 

Additionally, Godoy is a member of the American Dental Assistants Association, American Dental Education Association, American Dental Hygienists’ Association, and Association for Career and Technical Education. 

What drives Godoy to strive to succeed? She credits her many mentors and role models: “In particular, when I was at the UBEOC, we heard from a guest speaker who advised us to always continue challenging ourselves so we don’t become complacent. I’m motivated to continue progressing in my career, to continue learning and accomplishing everything I can.” 

Godoy’s dedication to professional development is highlighted in an alumni success story published in 2019 by the UBEOC. In fact, this story piqued the interest of UBEOC leadership, which has selected Godoy as the 2020 recipient of its Distinguished Alumni Award. 

“The UBEOC Associate Executive Director saw that I had continued my education and appreciated the fact that I maintained lifelong learning to drive progression throughout my career,” Godoy elaborates. “She asked me to send her a bio, a list of my accomplishments through the years, but didn’t say what it was for. It wasn’t until a few weeks later that I realized why I was sending this information, and I was absolutely floored when I saw I was receiving the award! It’s a true honor.” 

Godoy recognizes not only the UBEOC, but also DANB for steering her toward a bright future as a dental professional. “I’m proud of how much I’ve been able to accomplish and am grateful for those who have helped me to create a strong foundation for my career,” she says. “I have true appreciation for that.