AADOM members honored at annual conference

AADOM members honored

Above (left to right): Guinevere B. Juckett, Savanah Carlson, Edineth Bonilla, and Maranda Rice.

Nearly 200 outstanding office management professionals were recognized with educational distinction during the much-anticipated American Association of Dental Office Management (AADOM) annual conference, held Sept. 8-10, 2022, in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Among those inducted with honors this year was DALE Foundation President Guinevere B. Juckett, CDA, CPFDA, CRFDA, CDIPC, EFDA, FADAA, FAADOM. Juckett works for a private dental practice in Middlefield, Ohio, as an expanded function dental auxiliary and dental office manager. She has been a DALE Foundation Board Trustee since 2016.

Committed to excellence

“Receiving my Fellowship through AADOM has been life-changing,” Juckett says proudly. “I am a believer in lifelong learning. Over the years, I have acquired many DANB certifications, and now, attaining Fellowship has allowed me to grow in dental practice management. I will always strive to improve myself both clinically and professionally — this is my commitment to my practice, patients, doctor, and team.”

Fellowship is one of three educational-distinction levels that dedicated dental office managers can achieve through AADOM. The DALE Foundation, DANB’s official affiliate, supports AADOM members along their journey.

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The AADOM Fellowship requirements include completing DALE Foundation office management courses, among other requirements, while the Mastership requirements include completing the OSAP-DALE Foundation Dental Infection Prevention and Control Certificate Program.

Becoming an AADOM Diplomate is the ultimate achievement in dental office management. It’s the next tier after achieving Mastership, with the first class of Diplomates inducted in 2021.

This year, a total of 88 Diplomates, 18 Masters and 89 Fellows were recognized.

During the annual conference induction ceremony, AADOM Founder and President Heather Colicchio commended all those who went above and beyond to grow in their career. “Each and every Fellow, Master, and Diplomate has invested a significant amount of time and energy into earning their distinction,” she noted. “Becoming an AADOM designation holder is no small accomplishment by any means. They are some of the top dental management professionals in the industry.”

A greater purpose

Savanah Carlson, MAADOM, of Revere, Massachusetts, is proud to be among this year’s class of Masters, to demonstrate her commitment to learning and involvement in the field. In her 12-year career in dentistry, she has been in dental office management for five years and held membership for six years in AADOM, where she serves as vice president of its Boston Chapter.

Of why she chose to attain AADOM Mastership, Carlson shares: “Many dental administrative teams ask, ‘What else can I do to further my education within the dental field? How can I grow within my career and give it purpose?’ Earning educational distinction through AADOM motivates dental administrative professionals to continue to strive for excellent teamwork and patient care.

“Everyone wants to feel valued, and pursuing Mastership increases the value dental office management professionals provide,” she continues. “Being a MAADOM gives more purpose to being in the dental administrative field.”

Newly inducted Master Edineth Bonilla, MAADOM, of Jersey City, New Jersey, echoes that it’s meaningful to not just earn educational distinction, but also be recognized among her peers as a standout professional. “Becoming a Master, or Fellow or Diplomate, with AADOM is such a milestone,” elaborates Bonilla, who has been in dental office management for more than four years. “It truly sets us apart as the best of the best. I am honored and very proud. I have gained so much confidence in myself.”

Carlson recommends the certificate program to all other dental professionals who are seeking the right resources to keep themselves, their dental colleagues, and their patients safe. “The program gives dental administrative professionals more in-depth knowledge of the clinical side of dentistry,” she believes. “Being able to discuss this topic with not only clinicians, but also patients, builds trust, especially considering the COVID pandemic.”

Maranda Rice, FAADOM, of Algonquin, Illinois, adds that she’s a stronger professional in part because of the DALE Foundation and its educational offerings. “I found the DALE Foundation’s office management courses to be very thorough, an excellent way to further knowledge in human resources and other financial topics. Even after being in the management role for more than 15 years, through taking these courses, I found new things to apply to our practice.”

Elevate your dental office management role

Looking for information about the dental office manager’s job description, salary, and more? Seeking resources to take your practice management career to the next level? The DALE Foundation can help. Visit www.dalefoundation.org/dental-careers/dental-office-manager for details.