A hot topic: dental office temperatures

illustration of thermometers

Office temperatures can be a hot topic.

Everyone is different, and some people tend to run warm while others are always cold. And these differences can sometimes bubble over into disagreement around the office about the ideal temperature.

We’ve heard stories about some people secretly adjusting the thermostat while no one is looking. Others take measures like layering up. Some set up their own personal space heaters, which can pose a safety risk if proper precautions are not followed.

There are even some brands of scrubs that provide extra warmth to those who tend to be cold.

And it’s not just in the wintertime that office temperature is an issue. During the summer months, some might object to the full-blast air conditioning, which can be especially jarring after coming in from the very warm outdoors.

OSHA recommends that offices be set between 68 and 76 degrees Fahrenheit, but this is a pretty big range. And it’s not just the dental team that has to agree on an office temperature — patient comfort is also a consideration.

Do you prefer a cooler environment, especially since you’re on-the-go, active and often on your feet? Or do you prefer a warmer setting? How does your office deal with the debate over dental office temperatures? Share your thoughts on this hot topic!