Dental assistants’ ideas for fall fun

heart shape of sky showing through clearing of trees with fall colored leaves

For busy dental assistants, it can feel refreshing when an occasion comes around to truly pause and celebrate together.

In autumn and around Halloween, dental assistants look forward to marking the occasion in all sorts of fun, festive, and relaxing ways, together as a team, as well as at home with loved ones. Below, dental assistants share their best ideas for enjoying all that the season has to offer.

Indulging your sweet tooth

Typically, excess sugar consumption is frowned upon by the dental team, but the fall season (and Halloween!) brings forth the perfect excuse to indulge just a little in some sugar. “I always look forward to sweets brought in by patients or team members,” shares Janie, CDA.

“I love decorating cookies, too!” adds Tracy, who has submitted this delicious-looking photo. It’s not every day that teeth seem good enough to eat!

Alix makes an important additional point. She may love chocolate — “but as a dental assistant, I brush my teeth after eating it.”

Showing off that office spirit

Autumn also brings an excuse for dental teams to get creative with building office spirit and morale. We’ve heard about dental assistants and office managers who look forward each year to making spooky and fun Halloween and other seasonal signs welcoming patients to the dental office.

“I fancy myself a decorator,” admits Isela.

Also, this time of year is ideal for dental teams to switch up their work outfits to be slightly more festive.

“I’m already planning out my scrub color combination for Halloween,” says Janice.

Enjoying outdoor fun

Dental assistants also look forward enjoying those special fall activities, especially in locations where fall brings crisp air and colorful leaves. For example, some dental assistants anticipate walking, camping, biking and hiking outdoors after the workday is done.

Deborah, CDA, who submitted this photo, certainly enjoys spending time in nature outside of the dental office. “I love hiking,” she says.

Setting aside some downtime

Other than outdoor activities, fall also brings an opportunity to cozy up at home after work with some relaxing indoor activities and seasonal indulgences.

We’ve heard from dental assistants who enjoy watching Halloween movies, reading mystery books, cooking and baking comfort foods, drinking hot beverages, and even knitting sweaters, scarves, mittens and other gear. Busy dental assistants are always eager to take a break, and now’s usually the time to settle in for some downtime.

“I make and enjoy candles,” says Meagan. Many dental assistants also say they love wearing slippers at home, especially in the colder weather months, since they’re always on their feet at work.

Adds Debra, “I love taking a break by baking … and dreaming of taking a warm beach vacation!”