5 traits dental assistants value in employers

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A great employer is key to job satisfaction for any dental assistant. No matter how much dental assistants enjoy their jobs, a bad boss can undermine their love of the profession. On the other hand, an outstanding employer brings out the best in a dental assistant and ultimately helps pave the way for a rewarding, successful career. We spoke to several dental assistants to find out what makes a rock-star boss.

Respect and appreciation

An exceptional employer knows that a dental assistant is the backbone of a successful dental office. After all, assistants take on various tasks to keep the office running smoothly. That includes assisting the dentist, calming patient fears, ordering supplies, and sterilizing instruments and operatories. The best employers value and appreciate their assistants — and tell them so every day.


Exceptional employers also recognize that a dental practice is only as good as its team. So they foster collaborative environments. Every team member, including the dental assistant, is treated as an integral and equal part of the team. It helps the staff work together toward a common goal and look out for each other. As a result, that sense of teamwork enhances morale, productivity, and patient care.

Dedication to patient care

Dental assistants want to work for dentists who are just as passionate about patient care as they are. They don’t view patients as just another source of revenue. Instead, they go above and beyond to help transform patients’ lives through beautiful, healthy smiles and quality oral healthcare.

Positive attitude

Many dental offices can get tense given the whirlwind of activity that occurs. That’s why dental assistants say they prefer working for a dentist who keeps calm under pressure. Fostering a positive work environment and maintaining a positive attitude are top traits of dental employers.

Professional development

The best dental assistants never stop learning. Therefore, great employers encourage assistants to pursue certification and continuing education. Such professional development helps assistants keep up with new techniques and procedures as dentistry evolves. That ultimately pays off with increased production. Exceptional employers invest in their assistants’ commitment to lifelong learning.

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