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Dental Employer Hiring DANB Certified Dental Assistants

The Benefits of Hiring DANB Certified Dental Assistants

The demand for dental assistants is expected to grow 25 percent between 2012 and 2022, partly due to the link between oral health and general health and more focus on preventive care. It is more important than ever to hire qualified dental assistants so you can devote more of your own time to complex procedures. Following are just some of the benefits of having DANB certificants on staff.

Lower Turnover

DANB's Salary Survey revealed that DANB CDA certificants remain with the same dental practices for more than seven years. As an employer, you know that lower turnover has a positive impact on the bottom line. It also helps instill a feeling of confidence and comfort in your patients, who benefit from seeing the same staff members from visit to visit.

A Commitment to Higher Standards

DANB certification requires successful completion of Continuing Dental Education (CDE) credits on an annual basis. By continually sharpening their knowledge and skills, DANB certificants demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning and higher standards. Having DANB CDA certificants on staff will help elevate the level of professionalism and competency of your dental practice.

Expanded Functions

In certain states, DANB certification is required to perform expanded functions. Hiring DANB certificants helps you, as a dentist and employer, comply with state regulations.

Quality Patient Care

DANB certificants have obtained the clinical knowledge required to provide competent, quality care. For example, to earn DANB CDA certification, dental assistants must pass General Chairside Assisting (GC), Infection Control (ICE) and Radiation Health and Safety (RHS) component exams, which cover important dental assisting topics. Certificants are knowledgeable in protective measures that ensure patient health and safety.

High Credibility

DANB’s national CDA and COA certifications are accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). DANB certification shows your patients and the dental team that your dental assistants are highly qualified and have met DANB’s certification requirements.

Improved Efficiency

Depending on the state your practice is located in, DANB certificants may need less supervision than non-certified assistants. This frees you and your staff from performing certain duties, therefore increasing the efficiency of your practice.

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Help Your Staff Sharpen its Skills

Your staff can sign up forĀ self-paced, onlineĀ courses through the DALE Foundation. The DALE Foundation's courses are designed to help dental assistants and office managers brush up on their clinical and front office knowledge.

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Hiring Dental Assistants?

If your practice is planning to hire new dental assistants, download the DANB Mailing List Rental Form or the DANB Sponsored Email Order Form below to reach potential job applicants via mail or email.

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