Virginia State Requirements

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Radiography Requirements

To legally operate dental x-ray equipment and perform dental radiographic procedures in Virginia, a dental assistant must meet the requirements shown below.

Dental Assisting Job Titles and Requirements for Each Level

  • Dental Assistant I (DA I)

    A dental assistant I (DA I) in Virginia may perform basic supportive dental procedures specified by the state dental practice act under the direction of a licensed dentist.

    There are no education or training requirements for this level of dental assisting.

  • Dental Assistant II (DA II)

    To qualify as a dental assistant II (DA II) by education, one must:

    1.   Hold current certification as a DANB Certified Dental Assistant (CDA), AND

    2.   Successfully complete board-approved expanded functions requirements from a CODA-accredited program, AND

    3.   Apply to the Virginia Board of Dentistry for registration.

     To qualify for registration as a DA II by endorsement, one must:

    1. Hold current DANB CDA certification or certification from another national credentialing organization recognized by the American Dental Association, AND
    2. Be currently authorized to perform expanded duties in a jurisdiction of the United States, AND
    3. Hold a credential with qualifications substantially equivalent to the Virginia DA II requirements
    or document experience in the Virginia DA II functions for at least 24 of the 48 months preceding application, AND
    4. Be certified to be in good standing in each U.S. jurisdiction where currently or formerly credentialed, AND
    5. Not have committed any prohibited act, AND 
    6. Apply to the Virginia Board of Dentistry for registration by endorsement

    All DA II applicants must attest that they have read and understood and will remain current with Virginia dental laws and regulations governing the practice of dentistry and dental assisting. A renewing Dental Assistant II must show proof of current DANB CDA certification and successful completion of training in basic CPR.   

    18VAC60-20-61 (B)(2), (3) and (4) of the Regulations Governing Dental Practice specifies four modules of laboratory training, clinical experience and examination that may be completed in order to qualify for registration as a dental assistant II. The board interprets these provisions to permit someone to complete one or more of the modules to qualify for registration. An applicant does not have to complete all four modules. However, the educational institution offering the dental assistant II program has the discretion to decide how to structure its program.

    A dental assistant (DA I or DA II) in Virginia who assists in the administration and monitoring of any form of minimal sedation, conscious/moderate sedation, deep sedation or general anesthesia must meet one of the following requirements:

    (1) Training and current certification in basic resuscitation techniques with hands-on airway training for health care providers, such as Basic Cardiac Life Support for Health Professionals or a clinically-oriented course devoted primarily to responding to clinical emergencies offered by an approved provider of continuing education OR

    (2) Current certification as a certified anesthesia assistant by the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS) or the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology (ADSA).

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