Certificant Recognition Program

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DANB is proud to recognize those who maintain their DANB certification with special anniversary milestone gifts. DANB certificants will receive the following gifts for five or more years of certification.

  5 years of certification: Anniversary postcard
10 years of certification: Anniversary postcard
15 years of certification: 15-year DANB brief bag and anniversary postcard
20 years of certification: Anniversary postcard
25 years of certification: 25-year paperweight and anniversary postcard
30 years of certification: Anniversary postcard
35 years of certification: 35-year executive pen-and-pencil set with DANB logo and anniversary postcard
40 years of certification: Anniversary postcard
45 years of certification: 45-year watch with DANB logo and anniversary postcard
50 years of certification: Personalized brick at the National Museum of Dentistry in Baltimore, MD; and anniversary letter

DANB certificants receive recognition gifts four to six weeks after their renewal month ends. Note: The certificant recognition gift mailings have been on hold since May 2018, but will resume summer 2019. Those who were due to receive a recognition gift during this timeframe will be mailed their gift as soon as possible. We apologize for the delay.

New DANB Certificants

See a list of new certificants for the most recent quarter.

New DANB certificants (PDF)

I am a Director of Dental Assisting at Minuteman Technical Adult Career Center in Lexington, MA. The DANB credential enhances my image by establishing credibility. It alerts people to the level of competency and knowledge one possesses.
Ellen Gambardella, CDA Certified for 40 Years