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Online Renewal

DANB certification is valid for one year. Protect your DANB credentials and avoid late fees by renewing your certification before it expires. To accommodate your busy schedule, DANB offers online renewal, a convenient way to recertify.

Renew Online Now

Has Your Certification Expired?

Don’t lose your hard-earned DANB certification. If your certification has expired and the three-month grace period has ended, reinstatement options are available.

Find Out How to Reinstate Your Certification

CDE Audit

Under DANB’s Continuing Dental Education (CDE) audit system, Certificants are required to document their CDE credits. Each month, DANB Certificants are randomly selected for audit. Find out what to expect if you are selected for CDE audit.

Learn More About DANB CDE Audits

Emeritus Status

Are you retiring from the dental assisting profession? Or have you developed a permanent and total disability? DANB offers Emeritus status to qualified DANB Certificants who want to hold honorary credentials.

Find Out More About Applying for Emeritus Status

Certificant Recognition Program

DANB’s Board of Directors and staff are proud to honor DANB Certificants’ years of certification through DANB's Certificant Recognition Program. Maintaining your DANB certification shows your commitment to the dental assisting profession and demonstrates your competency to employers and patients.

Have You Been DANB Certified for Five Years or More? 

Maintain a Leading Edge

DANB Certificants enjoy:

  • A sense of personal pride
  • Peer recognition
  • Greater earning power
  • Career mobility
  • Enhanced employment opportunities

Benefits of Recertification

Measuring Dental Assisting Excellence

DANB certificants represent excellence in the oral healthcare profession. They also adhere to certain professional standards as part of their responsibilities to patients and the oral healthcare community.

Learn More about DANB's Professional Standards