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CLT 2019 cover for web

DANB's 2019 State Career Ladder Templates for Dental Assistants

This easy-to-use guide outlines the dental assisting requirements and career opportunities for dental assistants across all 50 states. Each state template contains:

  • Recognized job titles
  • Education, exam and training requirements
  • Allowable functions
  • Required supervision levels

Order DANB's State Career Ladder Templates for Dental Assistants (PDF) 

SFB 2019 cover for web

DANB's 2019 State Fact Booklet

This annual resource contains state-specific dental assisting information for all 50 states, including:

  • State Board of Dentistry contact information
  • Accepted and/or required DANB examinations
  • General information on expanded functions
  • Radiography requirements
  • Excerpts from the state dental practice act or state administrative rules pertaining to dental assistants

Order DANB's State Fact Booklet (PDF) 

Unfamiliar with a Term or Acronym?

As with most professions, there are certain terms and acronyms that are unique to dental assisting. If you should come across a term or acronym that is unfamiliar, see our helpful Commonly Used Terms page for definitions and explanations.

DANB's Commonly Used Terms