Sealants (SE) Exam

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DANB Sealants SE

DANB’s Sealants (SE) exam is one component of both the CPFDA and CRFDA certifications. It can be taken by itself or with other component exams. You have a three-year window to pass the component exams to earn CPFDA or CRFDA certification.

DANB Step 1

Step One: Check Your Eligibility

There are no prerequisites for taking the SE exam. Therefore, anyone is eligible to apply.

DANB Step 2

Step Two: Complete the Application and Submit the Fee

To apply for DANB’s SE exam, please download and review the CPFDA application packet or the CRFDA application packet. These packets contain the SE application and additional information. The fee for the SE exam is $125.

DANB’s CPFDA Application Packet (PDF) 

DANB’s CRFDA Application Packet (PDF)

DANB Step 3

Step Three: Schedule and Take the Exam

Within four weeks after your SE exam application is received and processed, you will receive a Test Admission Notice from DANB containing instructions on how to schedule your test. You may refer to the CPFDA application packet and the CRFDA application packet to find out what to expect during and after the exam.

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Questions About Exams and Certifications?

Visit our Exams and Certifications FAQs page, where DANB addresses some of your frequently asked questions about our component exams and certifications.

Exam and Certification FAQs 

Prepare with DANB’s Exam Blueprints

Before you take one of DANB’s exams, set off in the right direction with an exam blueprint, which outlines every topic that may be covered on an exam.

DANB’s Exam Blueprints