Impressions (IM) Exam

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The IM Exam

Ready to take DANB’s Impressions (IM) exam? You can apply online right now!

DANB’s IM exam is one of six component exams of DANB's CRFDA certification program. There are no prerequisites for taking the IM exam, so you can apply at any time. The IM exam can be taken on its own or with the Temporaries (TMP) exam. To earn CRFDA certification, you must pass all six component exams within three years. The fee for the IM exam is $125.

Additional Information

DANB’s CRFDA Application Packet can be used if you would like to submit your application via mail or fax.

CRFDA Application Packet (PDF)

DANB IM Exam Study Materials

DANB’s IM exam blueprint outlines the topics covered on DANB’s IM exam. You can use the blueprint to help create your study plan.

IM Exam Blueprint (PDF)

DALE Foundation Review Courses

The DALE Foundation, the official DANB affiliate, offers a practice test to help prepare for the DANB IM exam.

DANB EFDA Practice Test