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Services offered by Dental Assisting National Board

DANB: Measuring Dental Assisting Excellence®

DANB fulfills its mission of public protection by providing services such as exam development and administration, informational resources and credential verification.

DANB's Services Overview (PDF) 

DANB Exams

DANB’s exams are recognized or required by 37 states, the District of Columbia, the U.S. Air Force and the Department of Veterans Affairs. DANB offers national certifications and exams, and state-specific exams.

DANB’s Exams & Certifications

Credential Verification and Protection

DANB Certificants take pride in their credentials. Protect against the unauthorized use of DANB's NELDA, CDA, COA, CPFDA, CRFDA, CDPMA and COMSA certification marks with our new online credential verification feature. State regulatory agencies can also contact DANB to request a list of those who passed a particular DANB exam in a specific state.

Verify a Certificant’s Credentials – NEW!
DANB’s Professional Standards

State-Specific Information

DANB’s database of state dental assisting requirements is the most comprehensive resource available. DANB can also prepare customized comparative charts for state dental boards and lawmakers, upon request.

State Publications
Search by State
Request State Comparison Information

National Certification

There are over 37,000 DANB certificants nationwide. DANB annually tests about 20,000 dental assistants, representing all 50 states.

How to Become Certified