Spring 2015 Certified Press

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Celebrating Dental Assistants Recognition Week
From March 1-7, 2015, dental teams across the country will be celebrating Dental Assistants Recognition Week (DARW) to honor the important role that dental assistants play in delivering quality oral healthcare. This year’s DARW theme is “Embracing the Changes of the Profession,” which underscores that dental assisting is a growing and ever-evolving profession.

Dental assistants’ voices heard on state dental boards
State dental boards play an important role in dentistry. Each state dental board is different, but overall, dental boards are responsible for regulating the practice of dentistry and its related professions under authority granted to them by state law. In some states, the state dental practice act calls for one or more dental assistants to hold a seat on the dental board – which helps to bring a dental assistant’s perspective to important decisions that affect both assistants and the public they serve.

The DALE Foundation researches the value of CDA certification
The DALE Foundation is conducting new research on the value of CDA certification to the dental practice. This industry-leading survey will serve as a tool for dental assistants to see the value of certification in their career paths, as well as help dentists and dental office managers measure how certification benefits their practice.

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