Mission & Values

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Why Certify with DANB?

Our Mission

DANB’s mission is to promote the public good by providing credentialing services to the dental community. We accomplish and measure the success of this mission through the creation of valid dental assisting exams, recertification requirement integrity, and valuable, visible and accessible DANB exams, Certificates and Certifications.

Why Certify with DANB?

Our Stakeholders

Over the years, DANB has evolved to serve an increasing number of stakeholders in the dental assisting community. These include:

  • The public
  • DANB Certificants
  • Other dental assistants
  • Registered dental hygienists
  • Educators
  • Regulators
  • National and state oral healthcare-related organizations
  • Federal agencies
  • Military (U.S. Air Force)
  • Dentists/Employers
  • Dental insurance industry
  • Dental manufacturing industry
  • The international dental community
  • Volunteers
  • DANB staff
  • DANB vendors

Our Guiding Principles

Following are the guiding principles for DANB employees in their relationships with DANB stakeholder groups.

Trust. We are committed to quality, ethics and best practices in the development of DANB testing and credentialing-related services, including meeting all national exam development and credentialing standards.

Communication. Providing information to DANB stakeholders is a priority. We seek to provide full attention as active listeners and proactive problem solvers while providing accurate and timely information in an easily accessible format.

Respect. We are committed to valuing each stakeholder with equal consideration of their needs or position, no matter how big or small.

Initiative. We are committed to continuously promoting the dental assisting profession by seeking to develop new solutions, services and resources for the oral healthcare community, as these relate to DANB’s mission.

Teamwork. We are committed to working together with representatives of our communities of interest to develop and exchange ideas that promote the public good and enhance the oral healthcare community as a whole.

DANB’s Exams & Certifications

DANB’s exams are recognized or required by 37 states, the District of Columbia, the U.S. Air Force and the Department of Veterans Affairs. DANB certification is a source of pride and shows a commitment to the dental assisting profession.

DANB’s Exams & Certifications