Exams & Certifications

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DANB Certified Assistants

DANB exams and certifications give you the opportunity to advance in your career; maintaining certification helps you stay current on new technologies and issues in the dental assisting profession.

DANB Certified Dental Assistant CDA

Certified Dental Assistant

Successful completion of the CDA exam will lead to a national certification that is highly valued by both employers and patients.

DANB’s CDA Certification
CDA Component Exams (RHS, ICE, GC)
CDA Application Packet (PDF)

DANB Certified Orthodontic Assistant COA

Certified Orthodontic Assistant

Earning COA certification helps orthodontic assistants stand out in the dental assisting profession.

DANB’s COA Certification
COA Component Exams (OA, ICE)
COA Application Packet (PDF)

DANB Certified Preventive Functions Dental Assistant

Certified Preventive Functions Dental Assistant

DANB’s CPFDA exam consists of four component exams: Coronal Polishing (CP), Sealants (SE), Topical Anesthetic (TA) and Topical Fluoride (TF).

DANB’s CPFDA Certification
CPFDA Component Exams (CP, SE, TA, TF)
CPFDA Application Packet (PDF)

Certified Restorative Functions Dental Assistant (CRFDA)

Certified Restorative Functions Dental Assistant

Take the next step toward earning DANB’s CRFDA certification. Learn more about eligibility requirements and the six component exams: Anatomy, Morphology and Physiology (AMP); Impressions (IM); Temporaries (TMP); Isolation (IS); Sealants (SE); and Restorative Functions (RF).

DANB’s CRFDA Certification 
CRFDA Component Exams (AMP, IM, TMP, IS, SE, RF)
CRFDA Application Packet (PDF)

NELDA coming soon!

DANB’s new National Entry Level Dental Assistant (NELDA) certification is coming soon! Learn more about this exciting opportunity.

What is an Application Packet?

The application packet walks you through the entire process, from filling out the exam applications to interpreting your test scores. Each packet includes:

  • Eligibility requirements
  • Exam applications
  • What to expect during and after the exam
  • Information on annual renewal
  • And more

CDA Application Packet (PDF) 
COA Application Packet (PDF)
CPFDA Application Packet (PDF)
CRFDA Application Packet (PDF)