Infection Control (ICE) Exam

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DANB Infection Control Exam ICE

DANB’s ICE® exam is one component of both the CDA® and COA® exams. It can be taken with the other component exams for the CDA or COA, by itself, or together with the RHS (for a reduced fee). A passing score on the ICE exam will earn a certificate of knowledge-based competency, which meets state requirements for infection control in Iowa, New York and North Dakota.

DANB Step 1

Step One: Check Your Eligibility

There are no prerequisites for taking the ICE exam. Therefore, anyone is eligible to apply.

DANB Step 2

Step Two: Complete the Application and Submit the Fee

To apply for DANB’s ICE exam, download and review the CDA or COA application packets, which include the ICE application. After you complete the application, submit it to DANB with the exam fee of $175 (see the application packet for exceptions). The application packet contains all of the information you need for the application process.

CDA Application Packet (PDF) 
COA Application Packet (PDF)

DANB Step 3

Step Three: Schedule and Take the Exam

Within four weeks after DANB receives and processes your ICE exam application, you will receive a Test Admission Notice that contains information on how to schedule your test. You can also refer to the application packet for information on what to expect during and after the exam.

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Questions About Exams and Certifications?

Visit our Exams and Certifications FAQs page, where DANB addresses some of your frequently asked questions about our component exams and certifications.

Exam and Certification FAQs 

The ICE Exam Blueprint

The ICE exam blueprint outlines the content that may be covered on DANB’s ICE exam. Used along with other exam reference materials, the exam blueprint is a valuable exam preparation tool.

ICE Exam Blueprint (PDF)