Professional Standards

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Professional Standards Dental Group

DANB certification represents excellence in the oral healthcare profession. Being certified is a source of pride for those who achieve it. DANB certificants must uphold certain standards that comply with DANB’s established policies and procedures.

DANB’s Code of Professional Conduct

DANB Individuals* must uphold high standards of ethics and excellence in all areas of professional endeavor. DANB’s Code of Professional Conduct defines a DANB Individual’s responsibilities to patients, employers, colleagues, the profession, the public and DANB.

DANB’s Code of Professional Conduct (Full-Length) (PDF) 
DANB’s Code of Professional Conduct (Frameable Version) (PDF) 

Background Information Questions

On DANB’s national exam applications, applicants are required to disclose felony convictions within the five years preceding application, certain disciplinary actions taken by a regulatory board or credentialing agency, dismissal from an educational institution for an ethical violation, or mental incompetency as declared by a court of law. Renewing certificants are also required to disclose this background information to DANB.

DANB's Background Information Policy (PDF)

DANB’s Disciplinary Policy & Procedures

DANB's disciplinary policy and procedures document outlines the following:

  • DANB’s disciplinary policy for irregular behavior; fraudulent credentials; and legal, regulatory or credentialing actions
  • DANB’s disciplinary procedures for handling matters in which individuals violate or have been accused of violating DANB’s disciplinary policies
  • DANB’s appeal process for disciplinary decisions

DANB’s Disciplinary Policy & Procedures (PDF)

Complaint Process

As the national certification board for dental assistants, DANB has a responsibility to ensure that DANB credentials are only used by those who have earned them. If you know of anyone who is in violation of DANB’s policies, contact DANB or submit a Complaint Information Release Authorization Form.

Contact DANB with a Formal Complaint
Complaint Information Release Authorization Form (PDF)

*DANB Individuals is an inclusive term that refers to all DANB examination applicants, DANB examination candidates, DANB certificants (NELDAs, CDAs, COAs, CPFDAs, CRFDAs, CDPMAs, COMSAs) and those who hold DANB certificates of knowledge-based competency (RHS, ICE, CP, SE, TA, TF, AMP, IM, TMP, IS). See the Definitions section in the full version of DANB’s Code of Professional Conduct for further detail.

About DANB

DANB is the national certification board for dental assistants. DANB's national CDA and COA certification exams are accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA).

NCCA Accreditation 

DANB’s Appeal Policies

If you wish to appeal an adverse administrative or substantive decision made by DANB, please download DANB’s Appeal Policy and Procedures document and complete the Request for Reconsideration (Level 1 Appeal) form.