The Dental Community

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Several professionals make an impact on a dental assistant's career — from dentist employers to state dental boards to dental assisting program educators.

DANB is committed to supporting these members of the dental community with resources, professional standards and disciplinary policies. You’ll find all of this and more on the pages in this section.

DANB Online Credential Verification

Credential Verification – NEW!

Verifying a Certificant’s credentials is now a quick, simple process with DANB’s online database. To verify a Certificant’s credentials, you can search by Certification Number, Social Security number, or name and state.

Learn More About Credential Verification

Dental Professionals

Placing a Value on Professionalism

DANB promotes high standards for the dental assisting profession through its professional policies and procedures. These include:

  • DANB’s Code of Professional Conduct
  • Discipline Policy & Procedures
  • DANB’s Policy and Procedures for Appeal of Clinical Exam Results
  • Certificant Disciplinary Issues
  • Background Information questions

Find Out More About DANB’s Professional Standards

Resources for the Dental Community

DANB provides resources that support every member of the dental community: