Spring 2017 Certified Press

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Dental assisting touted as a top job
Dental assistants have long proclaimed that their profession offers rewarding and fulfilling careers. Now others outside of dentistry are discovering what dental assistants have known all along, thanks to U.S. News & World Report. Dental assisting recently landed a spot on the national magazine’s list of The 100 Best Jobs of 2017.

Looking back: How dental assisting has changed
To say dental assisting has changed in the last several decades is an understatement. As dentistry has evolved, dental assistants have gone from “ladies in attendance” to critical members of the dental teams. Several veteran assistants share how the profession has developed over the years to play a key role in delivering patient care.

Betty Finkbeiner reflects on her distinguished career
Betty Finkbeiner, CDA-Emeritus, M.S., B.S., has a passion for education that has been the driving force behind her long, illustrious career in dental assisting. The 77-year-old retired dental assisting instructor has spent more than 50 years educating dental students inside and outside the classroom to help them develop the skills they need to succeed while making innovative contributions to the profession along the way.

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