Salary and Benefits

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CDAs Earn More Than Non-CDAs

According to DANB's most recent Salary Survey, DANB CDAs earn a median salary of $18.60 an hour, $2.01 more per hour than non-certified dental assistants. According to the same survey, 85 percent of CDAs receive paid vacation benefits; 57 percent receive major medical insurance; 61 percent receive a 401(k) or pension plan; 53 percent receive free dental care; 61 percent recieve paid sick leave; and a whopping 82 percent receive paid holidays. Whether you receive benefits may depend on full-time status and practice setting.

To see DANB’s most recent Salary Survey, which includes median salaries for CDAs by full- or part-time status, practice setting, type of practice, state, and level of experience, click on the link below.

DANB's Salary Survey (PDF) 


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